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  • Answers about Autism Medical Disclaimer
    Any information given on or is to be used for educational and information purposes only.

  • Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
    Asperger syndrome — is one of five neurobiological pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) The effects of Asperger Syndrome or Asperger's Disorder depend on how an affected individual responds...

  • Autism Affects The Whole Family
    Their autistic sibling embarrasses them. Having a child who has been diagnosed with autism can be a particularly challenging time for any family. The emotional roller coaster lurches from disbelief, anger, relief...

  • Autism and MMR Vaccines?
    Autism is a neurological disorder; observable symptoms of this disability include disruption of speech, difficulty in social exchanges, and demonstration of consistent behavior...

  • Autism and Adults
    There are generally two types of autistics...The ability of adults with autism to take care of themselves is often directly related to the need-based education they received as children...

  • Autism and Biofeedback Therapy
    Autism and biofeedback. What is Biofeedback? Can it help my autistic child? What is Neurofeedback? Where does Hemoencephalography fit in to this? Alternative Health...

  • Autism and Mercury What is the Link?
    some researchers believe there is a definite link between If you have read any of the studies about autism and mercury, you will have found compelling arguments on both sides of the issue...

  • Autism and Supplementation Therapy
    autism and supplementation - input of a doctor to determine if your autistic child is absorbing the proper amount of nutrients..autistic children can see great benefits...

  • Autism and the Diet
    research is showing a pattern between certain foods and autism . Can diet help with easing symptoms of autism, what is the affect of diet on autism

  • Autism Diet
    autism diet products now available online at

  • Autism DVDs
    autism help now available on DVD at

  • Autism Resources

  • Autism Society of America
    Autism Society of America – An Advocacy Organization I Believe In. Their official magazine Autism Advocate is a top-notch publication deserves praise.

  • Autism Therapies
    There is a broad array of autism therapies, but the efficacy of each varies dramatically from person to person. Progress toward development of medical and behavior modification remedies...

  • Autism Treatments Explored
    Autism treatments for children with autism...autistic children have difficulties with communication abilities...autistic obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism

  • Autism what are the signs
    How to identify autism ...a very common question for parents who suspect their child may be autistic. There is a great diversity in the skills and behaviors of individuals diagnosed as autistic

  • Autistic Traits Identified and the Austim Spectrum
    Behaviorally, certain autistic traits have been defined to help identify the autism impairment, language impairment, Sensory integration dysfunction

  • Available Books About Autism
    many autism books are now available at

  • Available Books About Autism 2
    more autism books available at

  • Detecting Autism Symptoms Early
    With intense therapy, practice and schooling, some children diagnosed with autism can improve their social and other skills to the point where they can fully participate in mainstream education and social events

  • Educating a Child with Autism
    Educating child with autism is not an easy task as these children are affected with these symptoms every day. These unusual characteristics set them apart from typical students

  • Exploring Autism Controversies
    The cause or causes of autism and the spectrum of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) are still unknown, as are the prognoses, or best treatment options.

  • Exploring Autism Controversies cont
    Currently, Asperger's syndrome is classified as a separate diagnosis from autism. Many people however believe that Asperger's Syndrome, and Autism should not be given separate labels

  • High-Functioning Autism Defined
    High-functioning autism (HFA) is the condition of autistic individuals who display some symptoms of autism but who are able to function close to normal ..Asperger syndrome, social interaction

  • High-Functioning Autism Pros and Cons
    People with High Functioning Autism will often have an intense and deep knowledge of an obscure or difficult subject ...Lack ability to interact...positive aspects of autism

  • Home
    Some children who have been diagnosed with autism can improve their social skills, as well as life skills to a level in which they can experience a normal education,

  • How to Tell Someone Their Child May Have Autism
    If you know someone close to you and you believe their child has autism, it is best that you voice your concerns even if you risk upsetting the parents

  • Sensory Integration Therapy for Autism
    Over the years, sensory integration therapy and improving the quality of life for autistic people, especialy autistic children, and their self-destructive behaviors

  • Speech Development Symptoms and Autism
    Autism speech development in autistic people usually takes different paths to the majority of neurotypical children...The Body Language of People with Autism

  • Teenagers and Autism
    So what is life like for an autistic teen? This is a difficult question to answer. Again, it depends heavily on the severity of autism present in the teenager. High-functioning autistic

  • What are the Different Forms of Autisim
    There are many different types of autisim, and just as with many things you can't just group all Autistic people into one category. Autisim range of symptoms...

  • What Causes Autism
    Additional complications come about when researching autism because, at this time there is no certainty that high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome...low functioning autism

  • What Causes Autism Part II
    the mystery what can be the cause of autism has been slow to resolve due to its relatively recent identification as a disorder...Brain testosterone theory Genetics theory Nutritional deficiencies empathising-systemising theory

  • What Causes Autism Part IV
    More possible causes of autism. Viral or Bacterial Infection. evidence of trauma to the brain stem in early development. Immune disorders. Blood Type

  • What Causes Autism Part lll
    The researchers concluded that they did not find a higher risk of autism in the vaccinated children, when compared to the unvaccinated test group of children. Vaccine theory. MMR vaccine.. DPT vaccine

  • What is the Autism Spectrum Quotient
    During the initial trials of the Autism Spectrum Quotient , the average score in the control group was 16.4, with the men scoring slightly higher than the women. Autistic...

  • What Is the Autistic Spectrum
    The autistic spectrum, low end of the spectrum would be low functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and high functioning autism... ADHD and autism spetrum

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